Secure and Streamline Your Workflow with Exceptional Badge and ID Designs

Expose Your Brand Distinction to the World

Would you like your employees feel confident and proud representing your company? Especially when it’s a very competitive market place you are in, and you don’t want your customers confused about which company’s representative they are dealing with. Professional Badge designs and ID designs not only display your brand distinction to the world, but they also facilitate a secure environment, by helping to streamline your business activities.

A badge is a device or accessory, often containing the logo of an organization. ID is an identity document (usually in a shape and size of a Credit Card) which is used to identify a person or verify aspects of a person’s personal identity or role within a corporation or company.

ID cards and Badges can give your employees confidence and a sense of authority when dealing with the customers, this, in turn, projects professionalism to your customers and makes it easier for them to remember the name of the company. With Badges and IDs, you can control access and improve the security of your business, employees and customers.

If your Badge designs and ID designs can evoke instant recognition in your clients, it will be the defining moment for your success. Nowadays, a lot of companies effectively use Badges & ID cards to promote their businesses, and they’ve become an integral part of their branding strategy.

In the UAE, where we majorly focus on the Emirates of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, our badges & ID design service cater to all business sectors and activities with simple yet brilliant designs. These types of cards could contain barcodes, QR codes, holographic layers, magnetically selected areas, or any of your particular requirements regarding badges and ID designs.


  • ID cards
  • Badges
  • Membership cards
  • Security cards
  • Access cards
  • Shopping cards
  • Voucher cards
  • Game cards
  • Sport cards
  • Bank and insurance cards

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