Professional and comprehensive blog setup and integration services!

Setting up your blog to stand out from the pack

Blog set up is all about the convenience of users. Day by day new features are added and new updates are emerged to make blogs incredibly straightforward and friendly. In this scenario, how can your blogs stand out from the rest of the websites? Almost all blog set up service providers are competing one another to have the upper hand with premium blog setup services.

At Effective EMEA, we focus on helping you with customised theme and design. In our content management system, we give you a variety of options to make amendments as per your content and design needs. Our blog management experts give extra care to understand your requirements and come up with creative solutions that will make your blogs appealing and engaging to your target audience.

Blog integration with your existing website layout

We not only provide you with a full-fledged blog setup service, but we can execute blog integration with your current website layout. Whatever platforms your website is running on, our professional blog setup services and tools give you that extra edge for your blog management.

This integration procedure will be beneficial for you if all other features of your website is working the way you want them to be. The blog theme and design will align with the existing theme of your site. You don’t need to concern about the technical glitch that might occur during the integration of our blog setup procedure. We’ve made an enviable reputation for the competitive web programming expertise, which is evident in our CMS. Given the know-how of our technology enthusiasts, integrating a blog in your current web layout is a cakewalk for us, it doesn’t look like so, though.

Easily manageable and user-friendly design for your blog

Every blog page is a place where regular content creation and design updates can bring about tremendous changes, considering the online traffic you’re trying to achieve from your prospective audience. Your blogs should be highly flexible to make virtually any change as you wish without having the knowledge of coding, and all those technical, boring stuff.

The setting of your blogs should be friendly and flexible to format your texts and quick in inserting as well as optimising images, audio, video, etc. in whatever form they reach to you. You will get many of these facilities if you start a website in popular blogging platforms, but having a customised blog setup make your life easier as a blogger and marketing communicator. Yes, that’s what our CMS extend to you.

Along with our own blog set up services, we also help in the integration of other popular CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. As they are open source platforms, there will be many drawbacks you might encounter if they aren’t properly integrated and optimised. You can throw your worries away by getting our CMS blog integration services, as our developers are involved in the ins and outs of blog setup and management from the early days when blogging wave swept the online world. If you’re keen on keeping your blogs from security threats, rely on our blog integration expertise.

Frequent updates for your blog performance

Whether it be our CMS services or the external blog platforms you are using, we can empower your blog development by providing with frequent programing updates. Our free updates are developed to fix troublesome bugs on your blogs, ensuring optimal performance.

We also grant you 24×7 support whenever you find an issue. You might have heard many customer care representatives who don’t know a damn about website or blog developments. But our customer support wing has the technology experts who can understand your problem instantly and can take you to the right direction to find the complete solution to your problem.

Responsive layout for better user engagement through blogs

Responsive is a word pervasive in the digital marketing arena. If your blog can’t jump on this responsive bandwagon, you will be missing out on a great portion of your audience. People now communicate not only through PC’s, but mobile, tabs and other related devices also wield great power in online communication. Their influence is growing highly because, in a busy life routine, small devices are the best choices to know, interact and engage.

Whenever we set up your blog or integrate it, it’ll be in consideration for all the devices concerned. Your content can be read and appreciated by any of this gadgets without any hindrance. Our blog management system is built to generate websites with all responsive features to make your blog exceptional.

We also guarantee you the best user experience a blog can offer. Readers don’t have to face any uneasiness in the way your blog is established. It’s easily navigable, endowed with the features that will never fail to attract viewers. Our blogs will also get regularly updated with new features to improve the user-experience of your audience tremendously.

Blogs with SEO friendly design and setup

Our blog integration and management put importance on SEO friendly design and configuration. It’s developed to give your blog a better chance of achieving the prominent position in search engine optimisation. This design and template for your blog will also have a lasting impact in your optimisation strategy because from digital marketing and programming side, and we’ve incorporated the best-in-class and innovative features in our blog setup services. We’ve gained an unrivalled reputation in blog setup in the UAE, mainly in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Providing cutting-edge solutions to those who want to communicate successfully with their blogs and thus expand their business, we’ve arranged a suitable blog setup system to help them accomplish those goals.

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