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Video and radio advertising have been indispensable for any marketing campaigns since the beginning of these ubiquitous media in the 20th century. Obviously, they have been the primary reason for the emergence of numerous big corporates in our time. It’s because visuals and audio can influence us so profoundly that most of our buying decisions are made basing on the advertisements we watch or hear.

In contrast to the highly expensive advertising rates in TV and Radios, online broadcasting sites and social media have transformed the scene of present video and radio marketing. They are cheap, easy to execute and potential enough to reach the right audience. Also, the popularity of FM radios brought back the prominence of radio advertising, and they find an important position in all ambitious business enterprises’ marketing mix.

Our video and radio marketing plan contain both expensive media productions as well as economical advertisements which will be spread out through online and social media. If you have a big budget and are seeking out a powerful video and audio commercial, our creative writers and technical crew can make it happen. On the other hand, if your budget is limited, yet you want to make maximum impact on your target audience, we can also help you accomplish it. Our decade-long involvement in online and social media business development strategies and tactics taught us how to execute a complete video and radio advertisement campaign on these platforms.

Statistics and new trends highlight the popularity of video and radio ads

Let’s now look at some statistics that illustrate how the internet has revolutionized video marketing scenario. Video now accounts for 51 percent of all internet traffic, in which YouTube is the key player. YouTube is now serving four billion online video every day, and 800 million people all over the world visit it every month. Besides, uploading your video commercials have substantial optimization value in search engine results. For example, a video is 53 x more likely to appear in front-page Google results while in universal search results it has a 41 percent higher click-through rate than plain texts.

When it comes to radio advertisements, marketers have not given much importance to them a few years before, but the proliferation of FM and digital radios, podcasting and innovative listening devices such as iPods have changed radio marketing altogether. As opposed to other media, radio is portable and the content of which can be consumed almost anywhere and anytime—you can listen to the radio while driving, exercising, eating or even reading. As for marketing communicators, it offers plenty of opportunities to convey their messages so intensely that they can influence the listeners without having them conscious of the sales pitches.

Find the right solution for all you video and radio marketing requirements from Effective EMEA

Effective EMEA’s expertise in video and radio marketing encompasses high-end advertisement for popular TV and Radio channels in different languages, and corporate video marketing as well as YouTube marketing. We’re also partnered with all leading FM radio stations in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah in the UAE, and that help us to offer you economical packages in advertising on them. If you are looking for a full-fledged video and radio marketing campaign, we are certainly your go-to people who can make your business remarkable.

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