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Enhance Your Brand Visibility

Establishing a corporate visual identity is literally an attempt of giving your company a personality that can set it apart from the competitors. Your corporate identity or branding characteristics are to be identified in the early stages of your business development, since they become the basis your company’s reputation and success.

It is important for everyone in your business team to ask themselves: who is the core strategic target for our product or service? And then take insight from that to set up goals, which are compelling, realistic but at the same time optimistic and different from your competitors.

Before creating a corporate visual identity, companies have to think about the personality of the brand that they want to convey. Is it warm, friendly, or authoritative? Whatever it maybe, it should have that spark that would create the desired relationship with your customers.

Here are the things that create a successful and enduring logo, which is one of the most important components of corporate visual design and branding service. It has to be clear, easily understood and readable. Second to that is suitability, which means whether it evoke the nature of the product or service that you are trying to represent. And the third is memorability, which is a kind of visual hook or distinct form within the logo that is catchy to the eyes and allows customers to recall it easily.

Advantages of having a well-managed corporate identity:

Fast Recognition: corporate visual identity assures that the company will be well recognized and distinguished, and will have an advantage over its competitors.

Reputation: corporate visual identity will effectively make the company memorable and available; people would easily recognize and remember the company’s name, its logo or its brand.

In a competitive business scenario in the UAE, establishing your corporate visual identity is a challenging task, but we’re confident to take up this project as we enjoy the process of building up a successful corporate domain for you. No matter what your business model is, Effective EMEA, which targets mainly Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi markets, help you set up a visual identity that gracefully represents your activities, and uniquely position your brand.

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