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Web hosting and domain reservation determine the quality and competence of your company website. No one can compromise on these basics while setting up a website.

A domain name that is easily readable and searchable can empower your business progress. The domain name you want to have for your website may not be readily available during your website development, but as an established web service provider in the UAE, we can help you obtain it to make your website more noticeable among the public.

As for web hosting—effectiveness of which can either make or break your online traffic—you need to rely on the best hosting service available in the world. Several websites that have outstanding design and functions ran out of steam only because they couldn’t handle their hosting capabilities. Our web hosting and domain services are affordable and highly competitive that can bring to you the proficiency you want to achieve in your website. Here is a brief overview of domain and web hosting for those unfamiliar in this field.

What is the domain name?

Domain name is a combination of words or/and letters that best describe an entity to publish a website with e-mail facility.

Domain names were found and managed by a worldwide authority that is called Domain Name System (DNS). As of 2014, there are 271 million active domains in the world.

Every domain end with few characters that describes their business criteria like .com, .net, .edu, .gov, or it can also represent the country this domain registered in such as .ae for UAE, .it for Italy, .qa for Qatar, so on and so forth.

Contact us to reserve your business or/and brand name online to enhance its visibility with your emails in the same domain name.

What is the Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is the activity or business of providing storage space and access to websites. Web hosting usually provided by professional companies who can afford to keep a big number of computer servers connected to the internet all the time.

Accordingly, every domain name has to be equipped with a hosting plan service to publish a website or use emails with it. Obviously, more services can be offered when having web hosting service, like FTP, Dedicated IP, etc.

Our Web Hosting and Domain Offerings:

We provide a high-quality service in registering domain names and providing web hosting to clients. Being in this industry for almost a decade has given us a unique position among our competitors in offering our clients an outstanding and superior services, which are reasonably priced and customized to their needs. These services are resourced from the world industry and technology leaders to enable us to provide optimum support to our clients.

To reserve your domain and web hosting, please get in touch with us, and our technical team will respond shortly.

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