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What is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design is an integral part of visual communication, which has been developed over the years to express ideas and impress people with high impact. It is an art that combines text and pictures innovatively to come up with an appealing visual form.

Graphic Design History

The roots of Graphic design can be traced back to the primitive human lives. Ancient people used their cave walls as a medium to express their emotions, and after the passage of millenniums, human developed this form for a multitude of purposes. It’s still getting evolved in line with our search for the novelty to express our feelings and ideas in a better manner.

Graphic Design Now

Nowadays, Graphic design is inseparable from advertising industry as it’s one of the most effective means to reach millions. With the spread of a variety of software suits in the last decade, Graphic designing has become very simple as compared to old days. Anyone can boast of being a graphic designer if they have some knowledge of these types of software, but as in any field of life, it requires a creative mind to produce a great artwork. That’s why this form of communication still has a vital status in Advertising business.

Design Industry

According to recent researches, the United States itself has more than 2 Million graphic designers, if the same percentage applies to the rest of the word, then we can assume that there are 43 Million graphic designers. That is the population of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain all put together. This shows how enormous this industry is, even though there is a small section in this disproportionate numbers that can be called outstanding.

We offer a wide range of professional graphic design services to reach your target in the UAE, mostly in the emirates of Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. When doing any kind of graphic design, we primarily identify our client’s targeted audience. It’s highly crucial because we understand that an artwork can, if done properly, persuade millions to take buying decisions, and give a brand instant success. The graphic Design industry has also branched out to various segments, in which great care is given to each aspect of the process to deliver better quality and perfection.

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