Properties are getting sold online, why not your product and service

E-commerce definition

E-commerce takes up an enormous chunk of business occurring across the globe, and shortly we can see the commercial transactions on the Internet will totally overpower the traditional way of business. In fact, e-commerce service providers have already transformed the standard of our buying and selling pattern with a secure and much easier alternative to traditional methods. Just think about e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay and how they made an inevitable space in the lives of people.

Reducing the involvement of middlemen completely in the process, e-commerce offers customers best products in a much economic way. It’s time everything got sold online, why not your product and service? Here is a little more about E-commerce.

E-commerce history

It all started when the internet technology enabled data transferring worldwide maturely and relatively securely in 1991. Probably, the first online store in the word ( offered books shopping in the United States, offering the opportunity to buy books online. Others started to join the club slowly and steadily until the beginning of the millennium. By then e-commerce snowball has grown truly big and have pushed the world economy to a new competitive level.

E-commerce now

Total business on e-commerce in B2B and B2C in 2013 was 1.233 Trillion USD, while in 2014 it increased by around 20% to hit 1.471 Trillion USD. In 2015, it’s projected to rise further by 15.5% to be 1.7 Trillion USD.

Economic strategists are expecting a steady growth by 2018 to hit 2.35 Trillion USD.

When we look at the Middle East, we can see that there is tremendous potential. The total e-commerce business in the region was 8 Billion USD, and it’s expected to touch 15 Billion USD in 2015. Therefore, economists in the Middle East and especially in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia & Qatar are watching and encouraging investing in this sector.

Our Secure and Flexible E-commerce Services

We are providing an end-to-end e-commerce solution for our clients to enhance their positioning in this industry, involve and align their business to capture the desired marketplace they expect. It encompasses front-end shopping websites and applications, scalable back-end systems and CRMs or even a complete ERP solution.

Our e-commerce design and development can enhance your organization’s performance, facilitating payment gateway integration, market approach strategy building, along with providing marketing planning and execution tools and resources.

If you want to dive deeper into the e-commerce industry or set up your own e-commerce shop, please contact us to get more details of our services.

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