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Open the window to your business world with custom-made QR code designs

Drive more sales with QR Code designs

QR (Quick Response) code, which you will find in any marketing communication, is an excellent way to build up leads and improve sales. Consumers can access to the relevant information they want through QR code design, and as for business owners they help them customize their message and target their customers much effectively. Let's look at how QR code plays a vital role in marketing communication.

What is QR Code?

QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that includes useful data about companies, products, and other entities in detail. Information can be stored in QR code to be scanned anytime later. The stored-info can be anything like your product or service information, website, contact details or company brief. Over more than a decade ago, it was in Japan that QR code was invented. QR code which is a registered trademark of Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota, decided not to exercise their patent rights of QR codes, kicking off their widespread use all over the world. Other software companies also have created 2D codes that work almost like QR codes, for example, Microsoft's MsTag, which is a proprietary software that generates codes. QR codes can be scanned and read by a number of different readers, but the Microsoft Tag Reader can only use MS tags. However, MS Tags allow for more possibilities for creative graphic designs, such as including images and logos into the tag. You can use any of these to create QR code implementation according to your business purpose.

How QR Codes Help Your Business?

QR Codes can hold thousands of alphanumeric characters, which helps them take in a lot of information, making them much popular and practical for any businesses. While scanning or reading a QR code with their Smartphones, people can link to a particular website or activate email, get to know new offers and deals or join in activities by specific companies. Generating QR code design facilitates a multitude of opportunity for your business growth as they act as a window to your all communication and marketing world. Use them everywhere where your brand is displayed, whether it's a business card, brochures, hoarding or any other customer touch points, you can garner significant benefits by providing customized messages through them. In the UAE—primarily on the Emirates of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah— we offer you both standard and custom QR Code designs which contain all the information you want to convey to your customers.

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Dynamic QR code

A dynamic QR (Quick Response) code is a type of QR code that is mutable, meaning that its content (or the destination it points to) can be changed without altering the appearance of the QR code. This contrasts with a static QR code, which once generated, always points to the same content or destination.

The main advantage of dynamic QR codes is the ability to change the target URL or content without needing to reprint the QR code. This is useful for marketing campaigns where you might want to rotate promotions, change landing pages, or update the content frequently.

Our Dynamic QR codes are generated to offer tracking capabilities. This means you can monitor how many times the code was scanned, when it was scanned, the location of the scan, and even the device type used. This can provide valuable data for businesses.

We can allow users to set expiration dates for dynamic QR codes. Once expired, the QR code can redirect to a different page or display a specific message.

Since the actual URL or data is hosted on a server and the QR code merely redirects to it, the QR code itself can be kept simple and therefore scanned more easily, even if the content or URL it points to is lengthy.

Use Cases

  • Marketing Campaigns: Easily rotate offers or update campaign specifics.
  • Business Cards: Point to a vCard today, and a promotional video tomorrow.
  • Events: Update event details, schedules, or even location.
  • Real Estate: A single QR code on a for-sale sign can point to details about the current property, and later to a different property or offer.
  • Product Packaging: Change the product manual, promotional offers, or other details without changing the packaging.